Storm Pegasis

Storm Pegasus is a beyblade owned by Ginga Hagane .His moves are all wind based. His Special Move "Storm Bringer", is done by circling the stadium and create a powerful vortex to lift the enemy bey and force it to off balance. Once it falls, Storm Pegasus dashes to the center of the storm and finishes with a High-speed Ram.

Storm Pegasus is considered to be the most powerful bey in metal fusion but who knows he might meet his match.? So far Storm Pegasus has beaten: Rock Leone, Thermal Pisces, Earth Eagle, Flame Libra, Storm Aquario, Dark Wolf, Dark Bull, Rock Aries, And Flame Sagittario, Lightning L. drago, Burn Pheonix he beat pheonix in the episode clash pegasus v.s pheonix and l'drago in episode 51.

Given from his father before his fathers supposed death.

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