L drago

Lightning L dragon face bolt


Lightning L-Drago, also known as the Forbidden Bey is and attack-type beyblade belonging to Ryuga of the Dark Nebula Organisation.

Face Bolt Edit

The face bolt is a dark blue hue and has a picture of a dragon on it. The name L Drago is written below in white.

Energy Ring: L-DragoEdit

The energy ring is white and features 3 dragons encircling each other. So far, this is the biggest energy ring in Beyblade: Metal Fusion and it covers the maximum space of the fusion wheel. It has two modes-Rapid Attack mode and Upper Attack mode. They can be switched by turning the energy ring 180 degrees clockwise.The energy ring is in Rapid Attack mode when the yellow stickers on the fusion wheel show and it provides more attack power to L-Drago. The Upper Attack mode is when the pink stickers show and it provides more stamina.

Fusion Wheel: LightningEdit

The fusion wheel allows the energy ring to fit perfectly