Evil Gemios DF145FS is a Balance type bey that belongs

to Dan and Reiki Sodo, the twins who are belonging to the

Dark Nebula organisation.

Face BoltEdit

The face bolt is slightly reddish in colour. It shows two spirits - one of fire and the other one ice circling each other

with the word Gemios written across it ( Takara Tomy and Sonokong) but the word is removed in the Hasbro bey.

Energy Ring: GemiosEdit

The energy ring is a pale yellow in colour. It has four stickers on it - two each of fire and ice. It also has various patterns on it and is rather small.

Fusion Wheel: EvilEdit

This fusion wheel is really a great combination of attack and defense. When it strikes an opponent with the pointed edge which sticks out, it delivers a shocker to the other bey. The curved edge gives enough defense to it.

Note: The attack power increases a great deal when it is spun left.

Spin Track: Down Force 145Edit

This spin track features four 'fans' which point in the downward direction.

Peformance Tip: Flat SpikeEdit

This tip is a shorter version of HF with a tiny spike in the middle. The spike provides notably good stamina but it wears out quickly, leaving Gemios to spin for not much more than a minute